Luxe Modern LP Storage StandDovetail LP pull out storage cabinet with room for 100 LP per container propped against a wall. With a dark oak finish crafted from North American hardwoods.MAX Vinyl Record Storage Stand ModernAERO Modern Walnut LP Storage Cabinet with Modern tabletop record player and 100+ LP swivel bin storage in a living room setting.Dovetail Modern Vinyl Storage with pull out vinyl storage cabinets holding 90 LPs. Crafted with light-colored North American hardwood.Unison Album Storage Cabinet

Vinyl Storage, With Style.

Our vinyl storage collections are designed to fit comfortably in your home like real furniture, not commercial fixtures. Build yours today!


AERO Walnut Storage Cabinet with swivel-style record storage panels and room for Hi-Fi network receiver, turntable, power speaker, and much more. Walnut North American hardwoods in a living room setting.

AERO Cabinet System

media furniture crafted to your configuration
Dovetail Vinyl 2X4 Storage Cabinet in dark theme able to hold 720 LPs in flip-style storage and ample tabletop space for a turntable, speaker system, or audio network receiver.

Dovetail Vinyl Storage Program

Luxe Record Stand Mid-Century Modern

Luxe Record Stands

MAX Record Stand

MAX Record Stand

Unison Walnut Album Storage Cabinet in dark rich colored North American hardwood. Includes flip-style record storage and room for over 300 LPs.

Unison Vinyl Storage Cabinet

Dovetail Record Crate light and dark themed LP storage cabinets stacked on top of each other.

Dovetail Record Crate

stylish and functional
Vinyl Record Storage Tote Bag

Record Tote Bag