Modern Record Stereo Console with 300W of subwoofer power. Crafted with premium North American hardwoods. Features full-range Alnico drivers and an integrated HiFi turntable.

Modern Record Console

a new classic

The flagship of the Symbol Audio line, the Modern Record Console pays homage to “all-in-one” console hifi’s of the 1950’s, an idea whose time, we believe, has come around again.


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A New Classic

Analog electronics paired with digital technology and the best craftsmanship, this is the new standard. The Modern Record Console will undoubtedly become a focal point of any interior.

Hand Built Tube Amplifier

A distinctive element, the custom hand built vacuum tube amplifier in the Modern Record Console allows a fully analog signal path with the rich musical sound of tubes that is still sought after by audiophiles and recording artists alike.

Modern Record Console AlNiCo Speaker

Full-Range Alnico Drivers

Two 6.5″ full range drivers deliver a perfect point source, phase, and time accurate signal throughout their operating range thanks to their lack of a crossover. The result: an extremely clear and uncolored sound that brings the musicians into your listening room.

300W 8″ Powered Subwoofer

Concealed in the natural steel pedestal is a 300 watt powered 8″ subwoofer with dedicated gain, phase, and frequency controls. The hidden subwoofer offers deep bass response to compliment the warm, rich sound from the full range speakers.

Modern Record Console Subwoofer
Clearaudio Concept Cartridge

Integrated Turntable

A unique three phase suspension system entirely isolates the turntable from the console cabinet allowing this high-tech turntable to provide the highest fidelity signal possible from the Clearaudio turntable.

Wireless Streaming

Stream high-fidelity digital music to the Modern Record Console from a variety of wireless technologies and control music selections from your mobile device.

Bluetooth Icon Bluetooth

Airplay Icon Airplay

Sonos Sonos

 Chromecast Audio

Wireless Streaming
Modern Record ConsoleModern Record Console AmplifierModern Record Console SpeakerModern Record Console Turntable


A testament to exacting quality

Every component of the Modern Record Console is painstakingly crafted to the highest standards using the best mix of time honored traditions and modern technologies. The result speaks for itself.


Modern Record Console Walnut
Hand Selected Walnut

The Modern Record Console is constructed from specially selected 14ft American Black Walnut boards allowing the grain to fully wrap around the console uninterrupted. Start to finish, each cabinet is painstakingly crafted by a single craftsman using time honored techniques totaling 100 hours of work.

Patinated Solid Brass Hardware

Each piece of hardware is machined from solid brass and carefully patinated by hand before being installed.

Modern Record Console Solid Brass Hardware
Modern Record Console Stainless Steel Pedestal
Stainless Steel Base

The base is crafted from precision cut 1/4″ stainless steel plates, TIG welded, and finished with a hand applied patinated coating.



Modern Record Console Icon


68″ W x 18.75″ D x 34.75″ H
172cm W x 48cm D x 88cm H

-Hand wired Ultra-linear tube amplifier
-Phono, streaming, and auxiliary inputs
-Line-level output
-15 watts per channel stereo
-Frequency Response (1W): 15Hz-30,000Hz +/- 1dB
-Frequency Response (full): 20Hz-25,000Hz +/- 1dB
-Distortion (1W): < 0.3%
-Distortion (full): <3%
-S/N Ratio: 85dB
-Tube Compliment: 12AU7 x 2, EL84 x 4


-Unique 3 phase suspension system isolates plinth from console cabinet
-Quiet running AC motor decoupled from the plinth to reduce vibration transmission
-Resonance-Optimized platter made from MDF with an integrated vinyl mat
-Stainless steel axle with Teflon bearing in a sintered bronze housing
-Central Metal Ballast optimizes center of gravity and damps main bearing
-Factory mounted Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 high-output moving coil cartridge
-Carbon-fiber headshell and armtube with conical design avoids standing wave reflections
-High-purity copper internal wiring from the headshell to gold-plated phono sockets


-Full-range 6.5” driver with felt diffraction ring
-Dual cone design with integrated dustcap-wizzer assembly
-Stiff lightweight hemp paper cone with treaded and pleated accordion fabric surround
-Ported enclosure with 3-layer construction for resonance mitigation
-Open vented cast-aluminum basket for reduced back wave bounce back and improved cooling
-Powerful AlNiCo motor
-8ohm 93dB SPL 1W/1M


-8” driver with oversized surround
-Stiff lightweight hemp paper cone
-Vibration damped, vented metal basket
-Sealed enclosure with 3-layer construction for resonance mitigation
-Frequency Response: 26Hz-160Hz -3dB
-Integrated 300W amplifier with fully variable gain, low pass, and phase adjustment

Designers Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond partnered with a renowned electrical engineer and speaker designer to combine their product design experience with expert sound engineering into one product. Each component is selected to deliver a pure, rich sound and set into a furniture grade cabinet that is engineered for sound quality and clarity.


starting at $19,995; hand made to order in 8-10 weeks