Curated Audio Packages

The SYMBOL audio team searched the marketplace to curate our new audio packages. We hand selected our favorite components to build audio systems that integrate beautifully with all of SYMBOL’s storage cabinets and audio racks.


Powered Speaker Package


We put together 3 tiers of powered packages that feature KEF speakers with built-in amplifiers and high fidelity wireless streaming paired with Pro-Ject and Clearaudio turntables to deliver incredible sound with fewer components. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, these systems provide state of the art technology and performance in a small footprint.

LS50 Meta Turntable Package

Individual audio components allow for future upgrades and more flexible room placement. Our 3 component packages feature all of the elements of a traditional hifi setup including speakers, amplifier and turntable as well as integrated or connected wireless capability. We have selected and paired an amazing collection of gear from Yamaha, KEF, Pro-Ject and Clearaudio to satisfy a broad range of users from entry level to experienced audiophile.

Turntable Explained

Powered Setup


Turntable with Phono Preamp


A streamlined, compact setup using self-powered speakers that do not require an additional amplifier.


Best option if you are looking for…

-Extremely high quality sound in a small package
-Integrated wireless connectivity
-Fewer individual components to manage and store
-Simple setup with less visual clutter and fewer exposed cables


Not for you if…

-Flexibility to upgrade individual components is important
-Large number of inputs for additional music sources are needed

Component Setup


Turntable with Receiver


A more traditional setup, with separate components and passive speakers that require an amplifier.


Best if you are looking for…

-Flexible room placement to fine tune listening quality
-Individual components that can be upgraded
-Multiple wired input options for additional sources


Not for you if…

-Space is limited
-Simple setup is a primary concern
-Exposed wires and cables are objectionable



Symbol Audio Cabinet Discount


Your hifi system and vinyl deserve a cabinet that has been designed with the same quality and attention to detail that you have put into curating your record collection. Complete your setup with one of SYMBOL audio’s bench-made solid wood cabinets, 15% when purchased with an audio package.

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